2011 Esri Partner Conference

19 ArcGIS Apps for Smartphones

ArcGIS Apps for Smartphones

David Cardella, Esri mobile product manager, discusses and demonstrates maps and apps via ArcGIS for Smartphones, ArcGIS for Windows Mobile, and ArcGIS for Android. 

20 Where is the Business Market Demand?

Where is the Business Market Demand?

Lars Backhans, Esri Sweden managing director, discusses where the demand for GEO apps is headed for business applications.

21 Community Map of Canada

Community Map of Canada

Alex Miller, Esri Canada president, explains how the Community Map was created and maintained and how people are using it for their mapping solutions.

22 IBM Solutions for a Smarter Planet

IBM Solutions for a Smarter Planet

Dr. Michael Karasick, IBM VP architecture & technology, discusses IBM's smarter planet applications and the ability to use geospatial information to link the physical to the digital world.

23 Analyzing Social Media

Analyzing Social Media

Bronwyn Agrios, Esri technical marketing, discusses the use of crowdsourced information and how to analyze its value in space and time.