2011 Esri User Conference Plenary

01 Jack Dangermond: Welcome

Jack Dangermond: Welcome

Esri President Jack Dangermond gives his welcome address to the 2011 Esri International User Conference.  He also recognizes users' work across a variety of industries and acknowledges Vincent Hoong Seng Lei, winner of the Enterrpise GIS Award, and Sergei Sapelnikov, winner of the President's Award.

02 Understanding Our World

Understanding Our World

Jack Dangermond describes his vision for GIS as a tool for extending our minds, which includes using collective intelligence and understanding to deal with earth's challenges. He also discusses how GIS is coevolving with other enabling technologies and previews a new pattern for GIS.

03 Our Work on ArcGIS 10.1

Our Work on ArcGIS 10.1

Jack Dangermond talks about the ArcGIS system and summarizes the major updates and enhancements in the ArcGIS 10.1 release.  He also talks about Esri's acquisition of Swiss 3D software company Procedural and introduces the ArcGIS for Home Use program.

04 Intelligent Web Maps and ArcGIS Online

Intelligent Web Maps and ArcGIS Online

Jack Dangermond, Bern Szukalski, and Jeremy Bartley talk about ArcGIS Online as an open platform for creating and sharing maps and geographic information in the cloud and throughout your organization.

05 Managed Services in the Cloud

Managed Services in the Cloud

Jack Dangermond explains how Esri's managed services, including application hosting, caching, and imagery processing, provide cloud-based ArcGIS infrastructure and support for hundreds of organizations.

06 What's Next for Esri

What's Next for Esri

Jack Dangermond shares information on various Esri initiatives including software development, training, Esri Press, the Esri Technical Certification Program, the Esri Partner Network, and the Esri Nonprofit Organization Program. He also talks about Esri's goals and status.

07 The Boston Way

The Boston Way

Chris Osgood, Bill Oates, and Claire Lane from the City of Boston demonstrate how GIS applications are being used to engage citizens and improve the City's efficiency and effectiveness.

08 A New Pattern for GIS

A New Pattern for GIS

Clint Brown and Scott Oppmann provide an overview and demonstration of  the free templates and applications that make up ArcGIS for Local Government.

09 Making Mapping Easy Within An Organization

Making Mapping Easy Within An Organization

Jo Fraley shows how ArcGIS for SharePoint and ArcGIS for Server with IBM Cognos help organizations integrate their web apps with enterprise systems, giving them the ability to quickly and easily map their enteprise data.

10 Improving Decision Making at Every Scale

Improving Decision Making at Every Scale

Brenda Wolfe demonstrates how Community Analyst's more than 6,000 variables data variables can help organizations explore the demographic characteristics of an area and better understand the impacts of decisions and policies.

11 The Heart and Soul of GIS

The Heart and Soul of GIS

Lauren Rosenshein demonstrates how new spatial analytics and statistical tools in ArcGIS 10.1 can turn data into understanding.

12 Smarter and Faster Imagery

Smarter and Faster Imagery

Mike Muller showcases the new imagery processing, analysis, exploitation, and dissemination capabilties coming in ArcGIS 10.1.