Esri Maps for IBM Cognos

Nate Bennett demonstrates Esri Maps for IBM Cognos.

Mar 24th, 2012

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00:01IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a web-based BI platform that provides tools for reporting, analyzing…

00:08…and scorecarding business information. Now here are a couple examples of Cognos reports.

00:13Users interact with their business data through all kinds of tables, charts, and graphs.

00:19Now when we see data like this, that contains location information, our natural GIS instinct is to take that data…

00:25…and put it on a map, like this. Esri Maps for IBM Cognos provides mapping to the BI world…

00:32…that's complementary to the Cognos environment. Maps can be dropped into existing reports…

00:37…and access the same underlying business data that's feeding the rest of the report…

00:41…whether that data is coming from a relational database, an OLAP cube, or an enterprise data warehouse.

00:47Here we're seeing key insurance policy metrics, aggregated by state, and joined to common geographies provided by Esri maps.

00:55Point data, like the individual customer policies, can be viewed through thematic rendering and heat maps.

01:02Esri Maps is also nondisruptive to existing workflows and allows users to explore and summarize data directly from the map interface.

01:11As I select dates on the map, I see the associated state data update in the table and the chart.

01:17Location analytics allows the BI world to answer questions that they could have never answered before.

01:24Let's take a look at an example. What's the insurer's exposure to risk for earthquakes in the California Bay Area?

01:30This is an incredibly complicated question to answer without a map, but with location analytics…

01:35…we can begin to explore this relationship by overlaying our customer policies on historic earthquake data from ArcGIS Online.

01:44Easy-to-use, out-of-the-box spatial tools help BI users answer questions like this through borrowing a very basic workflow…

01:51…from the GIS world--select by attribute, buffer, intersect.

01:56With the layer filter tool, a user can select all earthquakes with a magnitude…

02:01…greater than 3, buffer those earthquakes by a distance of 20 miles, and then intersect those buffers with the underlying insurance data.

02:09Now to us, this is basic. Location analytics adds spatial to existing business systems through incorporating…

02:16…fundamental principles of GIS. Thematic rendering, aggregating data by common geographies, basic GIS analysis…

02:23…these are things that we've been doing for decades.

02:26But let's try to put ourselves in the shoes of a BI user. This is someone who spends their entire day…

02:33…slicing and dicing business information through tables, charts, and graphs.

02:38To seamlessly integrate the value of geography into their business system…

02:42…through complementary, nondisruptive technology, that's revolutionary. To them, location analytics is a radically new…

02:49…and innovative way to find patterns and trends in their business data. To them, it's something to really get excited about.

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