Swamp Rabbit Trail

Interactive map made with Esri’s Community Maps Program and ArcGIS Online.

Mar 27th, 2012

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00:01Swamp Rabbit Trail is an approximately 14-mile trail that runs from Traveler's Rest, South Carolina...

00:05...through the City of Greenville, and connects to Lake Conestee.

00:08We wanted to provide the users of the trail an experience both on the trail as well as at their desktop browser...

00:15...so that they could plan their trip or use it as a navigational tool while they're accessing the trail.

00:21We also wanted to make use of the community maps program and test out the new ArcGIS Online capability.

00:26So we felt this was the perfect project to do that.

00:28The entire project took approximately six months to do.

00:31The majority of that time was spent doing data collection.

00:35We GP'Sd the entire trail.

00:37We also collected the half-mile and tenth-mile stencils along the trail as well as points of interest...

00:42...and common areas that people would want to visit while they were on the trail.

00:46We GPS'd. We also took pictures along with 360-degree ipix pictures of certain points of interest and trail crossings...

00:55...to help users know where there might be areas where they need to use a little more caution while accessing the trail.

01:00One thing we were hoping is that it will reduce the calls to our parks and recreation department.

01:06Our parking locations are on there as well as directions on how to get to the parking...

01:09...which is one of the primary calls that our parks and rec department would receive from the public.

01:14We ran into several challenges along the course of this project.

01:17One was, of course, just dealing with scope creep.

01:20When you get into the application, you start adding extra functionality and new layers.

01:24It's easy to get beyond your intent, and so reining ourselves in as well as the other members of our team was sometimes difficult.

01:34We also ran into a problem with community maps.

01:36Since the Swamp Rabbit Trail extends beyond the City of Greenville into the Greenville County...

01:41...we needed to extend our community maps beyond the city limits.

01:44Greenville County did not participate in the community maps...

01:47...so we worked with them and developed their community maps in coordination with them.

01:52Our web manager has designed a splash screen for the Swamp Rabbit Trail...

01:56...so that when users go to the URL that is available on QR codes or has been given out throughout the media...

02:02...they'll go to the splash page, get information about how to use the trail, what type of information is available on the web map...

02:10...and they can then view the map either in the arcgis.com web map viewer...

02:15...or they can download the ArcGIS mobile application from iTunes or Google Play...

02:20...and search for the Swamp Rabbit Trail within the application and display the map there on their mobile device.

02:27The Swamp Rabbit Trail app has been so successful...

02:29...that we've already started looking at other maps that we can create for the general public.

02:33We're looking at a downtown walking map that will highlight historic areas and points of interest just in our downtown...

02:40...as well as a short walking tour to lead them to these places of interest.

02:44The Swamp Rabbit Trail/page can be found at www.swamprabbittrail.org.

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Awesome job, Stephanie!


Jun 29th, 2012. 12:22:05 PM

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