ArcGIS Online on Smartphones

Esri's Tosia Shall explains late breaking news at the 2011 FedUC about iPhone, Android, and Windows 7 Smartphones and ArcGIS Online. Watch and discover private maps that have been published.

Jan 20th, 2011

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00:01What's the late breaking news?

00:02Well it's about iPhone, Android, and Windows 7 smartphone support with an out-of-the-box application...

00:09...that you can just use with no programming required.

00:12There's also the APIs if you want to develop your own custom applications.

00:17As you watch this next presentation, I want you to keep an eye out for how ArcGIS Online shows up.

00:23It may be providing the basemaps, but it's also the way that we can discover other private maps that you may have published.

00:32So it's a great way to access all kinds of different maps.

00:36To see these in action, please welcome Tosia Shall.

00:39Thanks, John.

00:43For today's quick tour of smartphone options, I brought with me an entire box of smartphones, all different kinds.

00:50Let's start with the iPhone.

00:52About six months ago, we published the ArcGIS app for iOS which means it runs on the iPhone, the iPad, and the iPod touch.

01:01And this is a great way to access maps from your smartphones such as this border patrol map.

01:07You see the section areas, and as I zoom in, you'll see additional features appear such as these office locations.

01:16I can get information on any location simply by tapping on it, and while this is great, the exciting news is that a month ago...

01:24...we released an update to the ArcGIS app that allows us to do data collection from our smartphone out of the box.

01:31So let's take a look at that.

01:34I'm going to open another map, and this is a map that a field agent might use.

01:39It's very important to collect the locations of apprehensions, so our field agent may use this as follows.

01:47We'll use the tools, and you see we have a new option called Collect.

01:55We choose the type of feature to collect, in this case Apprehension Locations, and I'll place the point.

02:03Now normally you would probably use the integrated GPS that's inherent to your device.

02:08Once you're satisfied with the location, you can enter additional information about the individual...

02:16...and when you're done, it immediately becomes part of your enterprise GIS.

02:21Data collection on the smartphone, out of the box.

02:25But you may be wondering, how are we able to do this feature collection?

02:29Well the answer is the app is connected to an ArcGIS feature service.

02:33Let's switch to the Windows 7 phone.

02:36Now let's say that my manager has this phone and wants to take a look at the work that we've been doing.

02:43They can launch the ArcGIS app, and what our sector has done is to publish maps through ArcGIS Online to a private group.

02:53Our manager is a member of that group, so they would choose My Groups.

02:59They would choose the appropriate group, and now they have access to all of the maps that are in that group.

03:04When they open the Fields Collection map, they are looking at the very same map...

03:09...that the agents are using in the field on their smartphones.

03:14And I can show you the location that we just collected a moment ago.

03:19Now our Intel unit has also published the results of analyses to the same group.

03:25And if our manager is going to a joint operations meeting and needs to brief everyone there...

03:31...about the hot spots of coyote apprehensions over the last six months near El Paso...

03:36...they can go back to this group, choose that map, and now it's going to be available for the briefing.

03:42In addition to having the ArcGIS app available on every smartphone platform, we also have an API for each platform... you can create your own custom applications.

03:55Let's take a look at a custom app on the Android.

04:00The public beta for the Android API is expected in a few weeks with the final release and the ArcGIS app in March.

04:09What you're seeing here is a custom application that runs a geoprocessing service.

04:16So I choose a location, and I run the tool, and it's calculating a viewshed from that location.

04:21Now I don't know about you, but I'm pretty excited about being able to run geoprocessing services right from my smartphone.

04:27So to recap our quick tour, what you saw today was the ArcGIS app on the iPhone and Windows 7...

04:34...and you've gotten a sneak peak at what's coming for the Android. John.

04:39Thanks, Tosia. Thanks.

04:45Before you run off, one question.

04:46What about the people that have BlackBerrys or other types of feature phones?

04:51That's a good question.

04:52They'll be able to access applications that run in browsers using HTML 5 or JavaScript...

04:58...and we have partner solutions such as Freeance by TDC.

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