Making a Difference and President’s Awards

Esri president and founder Jack Dangermond honors Will Rogers and Breece Robertson of The Trust for Public Land, and Malcom Jackson of the EPA for the work they do in GIS.

Jul 23rd, 2012

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00:01This year we're giving the Making a Difference award to one of my favorite organizations on the planet.

00:06It's called The Trust for Public Lands.

00:09This is an organization who has put aside, conserved in open space, and developed recreation...

00:16...over three million acres of land, mostly in cities.

00:22They've definitely had a footprint in creating more livable cities.

00:25So could Will Rogers and Breece Robertson please come up?

00:36Thank you, Breece. Will. Good, good things.

00:42Well, we have this special award for you guys, and did you want to say anything, Breece?

00:49Little words.

00:50Well, I think Breece should speak, not you, Will.

00:51She will.

00:52Oh, I see.

00:53Breece always gets the last word.

00:54This is good.

00:56Jack, this is an incredible honor. Thank you.

00:59Thank you for your deep commitment to conservation and for the wonderful Esri toolbox that has allowed...

01:04...The Trust for Public Land to make a difference as we've worked for nearly 40 years to help communities protect the places...

01:10...they care about and ensure, hopefully, a future where every child in America lives within a 10-minute walk of a park...

01:17...or a garden or a green, safe place to play.

01:20And The Trust for Public Land wouldn't be up here were it not for Breece Robertson, who created our program...

01:26...and who leads an absolutely wonderful team of geodesigners.

01:30Thank you.

01:31Thank you.

01:32It's great. You should talk, though.

01:34Okay. Well, thank you.

01:37The work that we do is truly a team effort.

01:40We have our TPL team, all of our GIS staff are out there.

01:44Thank you for your hard work and dedication.

01:47And we work with many of you in partnership on projects at the national scale all the way down to our neighborhoods...

01:54...and Esri, we couldn't do it without your support.

01:56No, you could probably do something quite extraordinary.

01:59I mean, what you guys do is truly wonderful. Thank you, guys.

02:03It's a great honor. Thank you.

02:04You're welcome. Amazing, aren't they?

02:14They've truly left a footprint.

02:19The second award we're giving this morning is the President's Award.

02:22This award has been all over the world.

02:24This year, we're giving it to the US Environmental Protection Agency, and Malcolm Jackson...

02:31...assistant administrator and CIO there, President Obama's appointee is here to receive this award, Malcolm.

02:40Please, to have this award. It's great.

02:48See all these names—Russia, Nature Conservancy, Interior. Congratulations, Malcolm.

02:56Thank you. It's my great pleasure to give this award to you.

03:02Well, would you like to say a couple words?

03:04Well, first of all, I'd like to say thank you to Esri and to you, Jack, for this just amazing award.

03:10At EPA, we're just honored to be receiving it.

03:13I'm thrilled to be receiving it for our administrator, Lisa Jackson, and for the many employees who have helped make and...

03:19...bring the geospatial platform to fruition for us, and I'd like to just take a moment and just acknowledge a couple of the employees here.

03:26First of all, I want to thank Dr. Jerry Johnston for his hard work in this.

03:31He's our past GIO officer.

03:34I'd also like to thank Harvey Simon, who is our current GIO officer.

03:39But I also want to take a moment just talk about the many employees who really did all the hard work in implementing... integrating our geospatial platform.

03:47If I could get all of the EPA employees to please stand, and I'd like to give them a round of applause. Please.

03:53Good. Wow. A lot of them here. Thank you, Malcolm.

04:01Yes. Thank you. Thank you very much, Jack.

04:04I look forward to a future engagements and partnerships with you.

04:07You've done so much, and I just can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

04:09Thank you, Malcolm. Take care of yourself.

04:18In thinking about this award, one of the reasons why I picked EPA is because, particularly in the last few years...

04:25...they have worked hard.

04:26I mean, they've been GIS users for three decades, doing all kinds of interesting works. 00:04:31

04:40...and they've published it on the web.

04:41They've got citizens connected. It's really an amazing, amazing agency.

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