ArcGIS for Local Government – City of Fort Lauderdale

Ian Wint, GIS manager for the City of Fort Lauderdale, demonstrates how he uses GIS for citizen engagement.

Jul 23rd, 2012

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00:01Next, we want to change things up a little.

00:03So far, most of our attention has been looking inward at our organization and how we can use all these tools.

00:09But we want to expand our scope. We want to reach out and say, well, how would we engage with the public?

00:14Citizen engagement, transparency. Well, for the City of Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, the answer is ArcGIS for Local Government.

00:22So please welcome the city's GIS manager, Ian Wint.

00:25Thank you, John. I'll start with a brief overview of the environment at Ft. Lauderdale.

00:36Ft. Lauderdale is a municipality with extraordinary community involvement.

00:42Our constituents want government transparency and access to information.

00:47At the same time, Ft. Lauderdale, like many other municipalities, has been impacted by the anemic economy.

00:55This, of course, has led to mantras such as "tighten the belt" and "do more with less."

01:01Fortunately for us, we've discovered ArcGIS for Local Government.

01:06I'll share with you two ArcGIS for Local Government application templates we've implemented.

01:12I'll also share two others that are currently in the works.

01:16The Park and Recreation Finder application template was one of the earlier ones we implemented.

01:22We did this because our residents view their park system with a great sense of civic pride.

01:28The mere presence of a nearby neighborhood park is a plus for property values.

01:34Now, we used this template to replace a previous ArcIMS application.

01:39We had it completely functional in a matter of days.

01:43Had we not used the template, the development effort would've taken months.

01:48Now, this next application was built from the My Government Services template.

01:54The idea here is to provide a convenient location where residents and prospective residents...

01:59...may learn about services that are available to them.

02:04So what we're looking at here are sanitation curbside pickup schedules for an address...

02:11...public school assignments for that same address, and then the location of emergency facilities.

02:19And in the case of facility locations, the application provides turn-by-turn driving directions.

02:27Now I'll move over to my iPad, where I'll share with you the two application templates that are currently in the works.

02:35The beach is the impetus for the first of these two templates. Our beach is an economic resource for us, and as such...'s important that we continue to keep it an inviting place.

02:47Currently, we have a staff member who patrols the beach twice weekly looking for infrastructure damages...

02:55...and also the occasional ocean debris that's washed ashore.

03:01Now I'll also share with you even smaller items, such as small graffiti on a utility box, well, that's no trivial matter to us.

03:13Now, the reason for considering this template is to empower the community...

03:18...with the ability to assist us in our beach monitoring efforts.

03:22I should also add, our police department is interested in repurposing this template... allow the community to report nonemergency incidents.

03:33Now, we're looking forward to this next application template with tremendous anticipation.

03:40It is an executive dashboard designed primarily for the iPad.

03:46The idea here is to provide executive management with quick access to information.

03:51The actual idea itself was conceived by the GIS staff at the City of Boston, but it still does apply to us.

03:59For instance, our police chief would benefit greatly from having 24/7 access to maps showing crime hot spot areas.

04:10In addition to that, it would support the department's Predictive Policing initiative.

04:16The police chief might also benefit from being able to convey the specific location of problem areas... the city manager and the elected officials. And as far as the city manager and the elected officials...

04:30...they too would have quick access to information in a staff meeting or a community meeting.

04:37Now, what I'll show in a second is that the application does have basic trend analysis capabilities... evaluate the effectiveness of mitigation strategies.

04:49Now, this next feature is possibly my favorite.

04:52If you look to the right, you'll see that the application has a configurable news feed as well as a configurable Twitter feed.

05:00This would allow executive management to easily stay abreast of discussions about the city. How cool is that?

05:09Now, what we found with ArcGIS for Local Government is that it's allowed us to migrate away from older applications.

05:21It's allowed us to deploy more applications in less time; but perhaps more importantly, ArcGIS for Local Government...

05:29...with the introduction of the executive dashboard, allows us an opportunity to put GIS directly in the hands...

05:37...of those who control the budget. Thank you, John.

05:44Thanks, Ian. The City of Ft. Lauderdale is a great example of leveraging ArcGIS for Local Government...

05:51...but it's also a great example of an idea that was born here a year ago when the City of Boston was on this very stage...

05:58...talking about their ideas for the future, so how we can use this conference to take the good ideas and share them amongst ourselves.

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