ArcGIS for Windows Mobile

Use ArcGIS for Windows Mobile to work with field crews.

Jun 29th, 2010

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00:05Hi, I'm Adam, a GIS analyst with Esri.

00:09ArcGIS Mobile improves the way we view and interact with our maps in the field, create and manage our data…

00:16…and collaborate in the field to improve data inspection and collection times.

00:21It's much easier to see our maps outdoors and to produce beautiful maps faster and easier with more data sources.

00:29We can also collaborate with our peers in the field in real time.

00:33Mobile technology is fun, and it's powerful, and I'm very excited to show you the all-new ArcGIS Mobile.

00:40Let's take a look.

00:43The user interface has been completely redesigned, making it much easier for field operators to use.

00:48With touch support, you simply touch the screen and interact with the map.

00:53Viewing a map like this outdoors can be challenging.

00:57Let's take a look at a few enhancements that make our work in the field much easier.

01:03We can dim our basemap features.

01:05So here, I can make my features that I'm collecting pop out and really be visible on the map.

01:11I can even change the entire display mode to switch from, say, a nighttime mode to a daytime mode.

01:21Now that we can see what we're doing, let's collect some features.

01:25Simply tap the screen, let's grab some graffiti points, I'll collect them using the map, place it on the map.

01:35I can enter in some attributes about that; I can even snap a photo from the field and attach it right here in the dialog.

01:54So here's the photo I'm looking for; we'll attach that and submit this.

02:01As soon as I submit this, everyone can access and view this data.

02:08These usability enhancements make it possible for field crews to work more efficiently and record their observations faster and easier.

02:16The next mobile enhancement I'd like to show you deals with the creation of mobile projects, projects like the one we see here.

02:25So I'm going to open up the Mobile Project Center, and I'm going to create a new project.

02:33Give this project a name…

02:42Give it some map elements.

02:44I'll choose from my basemap options.

02:47We can load in a street map data source, a cached map service, one of our own map services…

02:53…and we can even connect with ArcGIS Online, free or Premium Services.

02:58Let's bring in the ArcGIS Online street map data source to serve as our basemap here.

03:12I'm going to select the StreetMap World 2D and add this in as our basemap.

03:17I also need to add a layer that we want to collect, points that we're going to collect in the field.

03:22So I'm going to connect up to our server and add our collection information. 00:03:28

03:31I'll save my changes.

03:33And to access this for our mobile field crews, it's very simple.

03:36We'll open up the mobile application.

03:42Let's open up a new project. I'll download a project from my server.

03:52Let's list all the projects that are available. We'll choose the one that we just created, called Austin.

03:57Now I'm ready to go.

03:58We'll download our data, and I'm ready to start collecting points in the field.

04:09That's it; there's our mobile project.

04:12The last application I'd like to show you is my favorite.

04:15It shows how we can use ArcGIS Mobile to collaborate in real time directly from the field.

04:22So not only can I collect and maintain my own information, but I can also connect with my peers directly from the mobile application.

04:31In this case, we're looking at first responders.

04:34I can click on a first responder and see the active position of that staff member.

04:39If they've updated their profile, I can see that information here.

04:43In this case, this person is responding to an incident.

04:47And this person is on scene at an incident.

04:51I can click to view the map, and I can see their active position.

04:54And if I want, I can even communicate directly with their mobile device by e-mail or even text or phone call.

05:02So we can see how an application like this allows us to better communicate more effectively and faster with our field crew.

05:10These mobile enhancements are going to help us all be more productive by allowing us to get our GIS into and out of the field faster and easier.

05:19Thank you.

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