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Jul 25th, 2012

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00:01Even the birds?

00:02Some birds fly south for the winter.

00:04Do they go where the penguins live?

00:06They don't go that far. Penguins live really far south, where it's freezing cold.

00:11Where is that?

00:12Let's take a look. Here's a map of the South Pole, where penguins live.

00:19Let me see.

00:21Look, someone's tracked a migration on the map.

00:25Temperature is minus 18 degrees centigrade today in the Ross Sea of Antarctica.

00:31The Adélie penguins have returned from their nearly 13,000-kilometer journey, where they fed on krill, squid, and silverfish.

00:40They venture north during winter because they need light and open water to forage in the ocean.

00:50In addition to our main menu, we have some specials tonight - fresh calamari flown in from Santa Cruz...

00:57...filet mignon from the Blacktail Mountains of Dillon, Montana; fresh king crab from Bristol Bay, Alaska...

01:04...and fresh kiwi salad from New Zealand.

01:09February 9, 2011; three a.m. This is the Spirit of Enderby departing from Port of Bluff, New Zealand.

01:18Current position - 47.1 degrees south, 168.2 degrees east, steering 174, making 10.8 knots en route to Ross Island.

01:31We have landed at Auckland Islands, and while walking through the rata forest, we stumbled across seals resting on the grass.

01:39We have deployed the first Argo float at 51.4 degrees south, 165.1 degrees east, and it is now sending data to our satellite.

01:51There is a lot of ice around Cape Adare, so we have to make our way around that to get to our next destination, Franklin Island.

02:01We should spot a large rookery of penguins there.

02:21This is a great trail.

02:23Yeah, fast and beautiful.

02:27Let's follow the trail to the left. Takes us to a great view of the coastline.


02:35[Foreign language] Using the public transportation, demographic, and population layers...

02:39...we can determine the locations with the highest demand for housing, then align...

02:44...that information with our investment and location for the new mixed-use development.

02:48This area offers outdoor activities and is still close to the urban center.

02:53That was a great ride. How about the Appalachian Trail for our next trip?

02:57Cool! I'm in!

02:58Sarah, this is Weiser State Forest station. Can you provide the GPS plots for the impacted areas...

03:04...from the fire last year and the reforestation zones? Over.

03:07Copy that. I'm near the first reforestation area now. Then we'll give you GPS coordinates of the area outline...

03:13...and some current photos for the map. Over.

03:16This is where we saw the deer. It's about a mile up, and we reach Eagle's Nest shelter, where we spend the night.

03:24Awesome! Let's go.

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