ArcGIS Online Meets Couponing Magic

Shannon Reilly of Valpak shares how she used GIS to help increase sales.

Jul 23rd, 2012

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00:01Good afternoon. My name is Shannon Reilly. I'm a GIS specialist at corporate headquarters for Valpak.

00:07I'm going to talk to you about how ArcGIS Online meets couponing magic.

00:12The Valpak business model is a franchised organization...

00:15...that sends out millions of envelopes each month to homes, full of great coupons.

00:20In the last two years, we've also developed an online product called Valpak Deals, where you buy a deal in advance.

00:28Valpak has really embraced all technology as a medium to reach our consumers.

00:32We use the print product,, the Valpak mobile app, an SMS texting program, and through social media.

00:40Who's the typical Valpak consumer? They have above average household income, they are age 25 to 54...

00:47...they've attended college, they have a higher home value.

00:51Then we asked ourselves, What about digital consumers?

00:55We felt like there was a lot of room in digital space occupied by other savings-based websites... Groupon, Amazon Deals, and Living Social, where we could get in on a piece of the vast digital pie.

01:06But what does the digital consumer look like?

01:09We looked at who's buying online deals.

01:11The online shopper is not the same as the typical Valpak print consumer.

01:15Online shoppers were young, old, single, married, homeowners, and those who lived in apartment dwellings.

01:22Last summer, one of our franchise owners approached us with a never-been-done-before Valpak idea.

01:28His idea was to use the trusted Valpak brand and leverage our strength in print product while promoting and reaching...

01:34...those consumers who shop online and were not receiving our standard Valpak envelope.

01:39We decided to do a test run in downtown San Francisco.

01:42The envelope would have the Valpak brand that consumers recognize but with a new digitally focused design.

01:50The content would not be coupons but all Valpak deals in key categories like dining, entertainment, and health and beauty.

01:57We had reps hitting the streets, going door to door to businesses and doing cold calling.

02:01While they were going to the streets, at home office, we put together a new digitally focused design...

02:06...a new website, a snazzy PR campaign, and a cute little commercial.

02:12Our director of digital sales development was among the first to hit the streets and asked our GIS department for help.

02:18He needed a map that included prospects and some general data on that prospect... type of business and who he should be talking to.

02:25Some of the problems with a paper map for a salesperson on the street are folding and unfolding the map...

02:29...especially while juggling a phone, a briefcase, and finding out where you are and where you need to be.

02:35When you have a dot on a map for each prospect, it can become very dense very quickly...

02:40...and it's hard to decipher which dot goes where, let alone to label them legibly.

02:45Our GIS department attends the Esri User Conference each year...

02:48...and we also attended the Extend Your Reach seminar last October in Tampa.

02:52One of my coworkers, Nonie Castro, had a great idea with the ArcGIS Online app and decided to use it for this scenario.

03:01We formed a group, added our GIS Valpak trade area layer, and then the prospect data we had acquired from various sources... local sales reps' knowledge, the Internet, and a purchased prospect list.

03:14We color-coded businesses by type using the SIC code.

03:17When you click on a dot, metadata pulls up with information like business type, name of the business...

03:22...and the contact person at the business.

03:25The reps downloaded the apps to their iPads and Droid smartphones.

03:28They experienced no bugs and no hiccups.

03:31Reps were using this tool, and they had no GIS experience, and reported the tool was fast and really easy to use.

03:38This was a giant success for our sales force.

03:40Jim Buckley, the director of our digital sales development, said that this was a game changer.

03:45He attributed the success on this mission to our GIS department and the ArcGIS Online tool.

03:53The sales force reached their goal and did so with expedience.

03:56They said information is power, and the use of the ArcGIS Online tool, we were able to arm these reps...

04:02...with the valuable data they needed and to give them the power to stand out against their competition.

04:09I asked what would make this tool easier for a salesperson.

04:12A big request was to make notes in the metadata and to be able to export all metadata and notes to a VCF or flat file...

04:19...that could be imported into Outlook, so when they were making notes or making follow-up calls, they would all be handy.

04:26What if you could pick from your list of businesses who you wanted to make a sales call to today...

04:31...and then have ArcGIS Online create a walk route or drive path for you...

04:34...and then sync that with your GPS on your smartphone or tablet?

04:40What if ArcGIS Online user were to be alerted upon login of new updates... a message telling you that three new businesses were added to your metadata?

04:50The possibilities seem endless.

04:52Valpak's GIS team looks forward to Esri's new tool and how it innovates GIS products. Thank you.

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