Sharing Great Maps and Apps

Clint Brown, Esri director of software products, demonstrates the value of using ArcGIS Templates to create and deliver maps and apps to more people.

Mar 6th, 2011

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00:05One of our key goals is for Esri and our partners, you guys... create and share a great set of maps and apps that really help our users apply GIS.

00:16And there are three key ideas that provide a foundation for sharing those great maps and apps.

00:24First is harmonized geographic information as a key to the shared maps and apps.

00:30Applications are actually tied to these information models.

00:34What this means is applications that are built for one customer can work in many other situations.

00:41Build it once and share it many times.

00:45The second thing is we've come to recognize that intelligent maps, a new kind of interactive dynamic map...

00:53...are really the paradigm for how GIS is deployed on the web.

00:58It's the way that information comes to life.

01:01Now ArcGIS makes it easy to create and share these intelligent maps.

01:07At Esri, we're interested in building and sharing many kinds of these maps for communities.

01:14And we'd like to share them as templates that allow users to bring their information to life...

01:21...and to make it available for their end users.

01:24Templates enable real users to do real work to accomplish some special mission and some set of important tasks.

01:35We also mean that they're complete, that it's the application along with the map and the cartography...

01:43...along with the tools and models that are part of that, that are all connected to an underlying database...

01:50...this common, shared schema that can work across a number of organizations.

01:56You can find local government templates at the Resource Center.


02:01And if you visit there, you'll find a set of maps and apps that support public safety, parcel management...

02:14Well, why do we think this is so important?

02:18You, as well as Esri, really need to make GIS easier to use and more approachable.

02:26If you can build applications that extend what we build...

02:31...then we think we can make a great contribution to this community of users.

02:37And we'd like you to get engaged with us this week and to learn more about this approach...

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