00:03It's quite possible that you, or maybe someone from your organization...

00:06...are users of ArcPad.

00:08And most likely, you love it.

00:10But did you ever wonder what you could do with ArcPad and ArcGIS Online?

00:14Let me give you a few ideas.

00:16You currently use ArcPad to take your data into the field and collect things you observe.

00:20This can be done while connected to a network or in a fully disconnected capacity.

00:25Then, you go back to the office and put the data in ArcGIS for Desktop.

00:29Sure, you can share your maps with others...

00:31...and you can also create and distribute PDF files.

00:34But what if you could use ArcGIS Online and allow everyone in your organization... see your maps by using their tablets, smart phones, and web browsers?

00:43That's what ArcGIS Online is all about.

00:46Right from Desktop, you can take the data you collected with ArcPad, and simply push... to ArcGIS Online in just a quick couple of steps.

00:53Then you can create web maps very easily.

00:55Web maps are great because they can be displayed in our out-of-the-box web browser...

00:58...based apps that come with ArcGIS Online.

01:01And not only that, the same web maps can be used in ArcGIS apps that run on iPhone...

01:06...Android devices, Windows phone, and even tablets.

01:10So you can share your work with many people throughout your organization.

01:14But that's not all -- ArcGIS Online makes it easy to share your ArcPad projects...

01:18...with your mobile field workers.

01:20No longer are you required to tether your device to your computer... order to provision your data.

01:25Simply send your ArcPad project to the cloud and access it from your mobile device.

01:30So remember: ArcPad and ArcGIS Online are part of the same platform.

01:34So if you're using ArcPad today...

01:36...why wouldn't you take advantage of everything you can do with ArcGIS Online?

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Leveraging ArcPad with ArcGIS Online

Leveraging ArcPad with ArcGIS Online: Learn how ArcGIS Online makes creating and sharing your ArcPad projects easy.

  • Recorded: Mar 28th, 2013
  • Runtime: 01:49
  • Views: 614
  • Published: Apr 1st, 2013
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Good teaser video. It would be good to have a few links or recommendations of where to go for more information. Online courses in training, or other videos with more ideas or details. Final slide, for more information go to:
KyleCollins 8 Months ago
Heavy on ideas, but kinda light on how-to details...
andrew_zimba 11 Months ago
  • 2 total