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00:13Esri CityEngine transforms your 2D GIS data into smart, 3D city models…

00:20…and with the CityEngine web viewer, you even can share them with the public or decision makers.

00:27This means CityEngine scenes can be published directly in the web and ArcGIS Online.

00:34The web viewer comes with exciting new features such as the Swipe tool.

00:38With this, you can easily compare before and after scenarios.

00:44For example, by using this Swipe tool, everybody can immediately understand the impact of a new planned urban development.

00:56One of the things that makes CityEngine so powerful is that CityEngine is about huge 3D city models.

01:02Imagine, to model a city like Philadelphia, with several hundred thousand housing units.

01:08So we make sure that with our technology you can produce your city in a fast and cost-effective way.

01:18CityEngine is fully integrated with ArcGIS.

01:21From start to finish, transforming your 2D GIS data into a smart 3D city model takes only five steps.

01:45Benefit today and create your smart 3D city model in less time and share it through the CityEngine web scene viewer on ArcGIS Online.

01:54You can download a free 30-day trial at

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Esri CityEngine Highlights

CityEngine transforms 2D GIS data into Smart 3D City Models


  • Recorded: Apr 1st, 2013
  • Runtime: 02:16
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  • Published: Apr 1st, 2013
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