What is ArcGIS?

This fun overview will help you understand what you can do with ArcGIS.

May 31st, 2013

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00:02Do you ever feel as though your map data isn't working for you?

00:05You're collecting it and collecting it, but you can't share it.

00:08That's how Dan used to feel before he discovered ArcGIS.

00:12ArcGIS is a turnkey solution to create and share interactive maps.

00:17Built to work the way you work, with nothing to install or set up...

00:21...so you can be productive on day one.

00:25Like Dan, you just sign in and get instant access to ready-to-use maps and apps.

00:29Or create new maps, transforming your data into content-rich maps that tell your story.

00:36You can even make mashups with data and maps shared by others...

00:40...and add pop-ups to your maps, highlighting charts, photos, and web pages.

00:45What about using Microsoft Excel to make maps?

00:48No problem! You can add any map you create in Excel as a slide...

00:52...in your next PowerPoint presentation.

00:55Want to share all this?

00:56With ArcGIS it's easy.

00:58Dan and Maria can share maps and data in the office...

01:01...and with Noah working in the field.

01:03And everyone using ArcGIS can share their maps on blogs, websites...

01:08...Twitter, and Facebook.

01:10Even your developers can get in on the action.

01:12So Hiromi can build custom apps using Esri's cloud-based services...

01:17...develop in the API of her choice, and deploy on any device.

01:22Suddenly, everyone in your organization is able to access their data from anywhere...

01:26...anytime, using their tablets, smartphones, and browsers.

01:31You can also use ArcGIS as a pure cloud-based solution.

01:35Or combine it with your own infrastructure for a hybrid solution.

01:39And it all works with your existing investment in GIS.

01:42Unleash your potential.

01:44See what happens when you unlock the power of where.

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