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Turn a dull spreadsheet into a crowd-pleasing map!

Apr 30th, 2013

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00:01Esri Maps for Office brings mapping inside of Microsoft Excel.

00:04It makes mapping your spreadsheet data as easy as creating a chart in Excel.

00:08You can visualize your data on a map and explore clusters and density.

00:16Let’s say you work in the GIS group of an insurance company.

00:19Your sales team has customer data in Excel and needs your help in mapping it.

00:24The spreadsheet contains customers’ contact information, addresses...

00:30...and details about their insurance policy.

00:32The Sales team has added another worksheet with sales summary... zip code using a pivot table in Excel.

00:41Using Esri Maps for Office, you can quickly map this data inside Excel.

00:45Simply follow the Add Data wizard to use customer address information... add these locations to the map.

00:55Similarly, add the sales summary data by using the zip code column.

01:06Now you’ve got your spreadsheet data on the map.

01:09If you have a lot of records in a spreadsheet, you will see many points on top of each other.

01:14To get a clear view of each point, click the clustering button.

01:18You can also generate a heat map to visualize the density of customer locations.

01:24You can style your data in different ways according to your business needs.

01:30You can further group the data in classes to make sense of its distribution.

01:34For example: you can group zip codes by insurance premium...

01:37...where blue represents low values and green represents high values.

01:47These zip codes here with low premium values...

01:49...are right next to zip codes with really high premium values.

01:53You can also see that there are a lot more customers in green-colored zip codes...

01:56...than there are in blue-colored ones.

01:58This was not noticeable just by looking at the tabular data.

02:01Your sales team can now use this insight to apply sales efforts...

02:04...similar to that in green-colored zip codes to the under-performing blue-colored zip codes.

02:10Learn more about how you can use Esri Maps for Office to gain deeper insights about your data.

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