Analyze Your Excel Data on a Map

Explore your Excel data in a location-based context using Esri Maps for Office. Select features in one layer and find nearby features in another layer to gain insights you may not get from just columns and rows.

May 30th, 2013

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00:01Esri Maps for Office enables you to understand

00:06It gives you the tools you need to analyze and get insights that you are missing when you

00:13Let’s say you work in the GIS group for a

00:18Your marketing group is getting ready for a new

00:21...and wants to reach early adopter customers to

00:25They have decided to put up a billboard ad to

00:29They have shared with you an Excel spreadsheet that contains a list of customers...

00:32...who bought the last generation gadget; and a

00:37You can help the marketing group find the right billboard location...

00:39...based on proximity to existing customer locations.

00:45With Esri Maps for Office, you can map customer locations and create a heat map...

00:48...that clearly shows the density of customer locations.

00:52You can add the billboard locations to the same map.

00:55Some of the billboards are not available for new ads so you can remove those locations...

00:59...from the map using Excel’s filter tool.

01:06Notice that there are a lot of customers and available billboards... the areas northwest and southwest of downtown Los Angeles.

01:13To take a closer look, zoom into one of the areas.

01:18Using the select tool in Esri Maps for Office, you can pick a particular billboard...

01:22...and find all the customers that are located within a 2 miles radius.

01:31You can see that there are 35 customers in this billboard’s proximity.

01:34You can also choose to find customers by drive times.

01:38Now zoom into the other area and perform the same analysis.

01:52You will find that there are 44 customers within a 2 miles range...

01:55...of the selected billboard in this area.

01:58This would be a better choice for the billboard ad... it can be seen by more customers as compared to the other location.

02:04Based on your analysis, you can now make an informed recommendation... your marketing team.

02:09Learn more about how you can use Esri Maps for Office to gain deeper insights about your data.

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