Enrich Your Excel Data

Add demographics and lifestyle data directly to your Excel spreadsheets to get more context about the locations that are important to you.

May 30th, 2013

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00:01With Esri Maps for Office you can get more context about an area..

00:03....by adding demographics and lifestyle data to your map in Excel.

00:10You can choose the key variables which are important for your business decision...

00:15...and compare your mapped areas with county, state and nation for the selected variable.

00:22Let’s say you work in the business analytics team of a retail coffee chain company.

00:26Using Esri Maps for Office, you have mapped the annual sales numbers...

00:29...for your company’s coffee houses in California.

00:32You want to understand the consumer characteristics in the neighborhoods...

00:34...of your top performing coffee houses...

00:36...and compare it with the ones that are not performing so well.

00:40Through ArcGIS Online, you can simply add geographic data enrichment services...

00:44...for income, policy, health and other key business indicators...

00:49...and get a general idea of the area around your coffee houses.

00:53Let’s add the median household income.

00:56Now you can visually compare the income distribution around coffee houses.

01:00You will notice that the coffee houses in Cerritos and in East Long Beach...

01:03...seem to be in a more affluent neighborhood...

01:05...than the one along the Long Beach waterfront area.

01:08That could be one possible reason for the low sales at that location.

01:12You can explore more business indicators for this location by looking into infographics.

01:17These visualizations are designed to compare the area around your mapped location...

01:21...against similar information at the county, state or nationwide level.

01:25For example, this infographic shows the age distribution within a one mile radius of...

01:29.. the coffee house and compares it with the age distribution in California and in the whole US.

01:35You can observe that a lot of men and women between age 20 and 35...

01:39...live around the selected coffee house and that these numbers are higher...

01:42...than California and US averages.

01:44So you want to make sure that they are included in your target group.

01:48Let’s look at the next infographic.

01:51Here you can see households by different income brackets.

01:54Notice that the majority of households are in low and very low income brackets...

01:59...and their numbers exceed the California and US averages.

02:02This could be the key reason for this coffee house’s low sales.

02:06You may have to change your offering; and marketing and sales strategies...

02:08...for this coffee house to better suit the consumers in this neighborhood.

02:12To dig more into the market characteristics of a neighborhood, you can use the enrich layer tool...

02:18...and add new columns to your spreadsheet with actual numbers for key market variables.

02:23You can leverage the added data to run analysis specific to your business problem...

02:27...and create custom visualizations.

02:30You can start building up a dashboard to get a comprehensive picture...

02:32...of your business analysis.

02:35Learn more about how you can use Esri Maps for Office to gain deeper insights about your data.

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