Share Your Maps from Excel

There are different ways to share the maps you create using Esri Maps for Office. You can publish your map as a feature service on ArcGIS Online, add them to PowerPoint presentations, and copy and paste them in e-mails and Microsoft Word documents.

May 30th, 2013

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00:01Esri Maps for Office gives you many different ways to share the maps... create with your Excel data.

00:05You can share your map on ArcGIS Online so others can find and use it...

00:11...or add it to a PowerPoint presentation.

00:14Or you can copy and paste your map into your email or Microsoft word document.

00:20Let’s say you work in the GIS group of a telecom company.

00:23Your field technician team is wrapping up a project on upgrading cellphone towers...

00:27...for the first quarter of the year and is getting ready for the Q1 report and presentation.

00:32They want to include maps of cellphone tower locations in the report... well as in their presentation.

00:37You've created a map of cellphone towers in Excel...

00:40...and are ready to share it with the field crew team.

00:43You can simply click the copy image button which will create a clipboard copy of your map.

00:48Now you can paste the map into the report; or send it out via email.

00:57With ArcGIS Online, you can share individual data layers; or the entire map.

01:04You can also control who gets access to your data layers and map; and who can edit them.

01:17Your colleagues can use ArcGIS Online to embed your map in online articles or blogs.

01:25Using the create slide button, you can add your map as a static image...

01:28...directly to PowerPoint slides.

01:31In addition, you can use the Esri Maps tab inside PowerPoint... insert dynamic and interactive maps in your slides.

01:47During your presentation, you can answer specific questions from the audience... zooming in and out, moving around the map...

01:56...and displaying more information about cellphone towers.

02:00Learn more about how you can use Esri Maps for Office to share your maps with others.

02:04Sign up for the free 30-day trial.

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