Getting Started with Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS

Monitor real-time activities and events, track your field workforce, and assess the performance of your daily operations.

Jun 20th, 2013

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00:01With Operations Dashboard for ArcGIS, you can monitor services...

00:07...check work orders...

00:10...track people...

00:15...and report events across your organization.

00:23You can focus on aspects of the event or activity that matter most to you.

00:32The Operations Dashboard application can be downloaded free with an ArcGIS Online for Organizations subscription.

00:38Once logged in, you can create your own operation views or open the ones shared by your organization members.

00:45Let’s say you are managing an emergency response team.

00:49You can set up the Operations Dashboard to get key information at a glance about ongoing incidents and operations.

00:55You will notice that, as incoming calls are reported and vehicles move...

00:59...these changes are reflected in the Dashboard...

01:01...allowing you to see activities and status updates in real-time.

01:07You can easily configure a widget to monitor the number of open incidents.

01:15You can set it to sort by incident report time and see the most recent one at the top of the list...

01:20...find its location on the map...

01:25and get more information about it.

01:31You can also add a widget to get information about frequency of the incident types that are reoccurring within the operation.

01:45This helps you to answer questions such as "Which type of incident is being reported most often?"

01:53You can track emergency vehicles in real-time.

01:55When you follow a specific vehicle, the map is updated automatically with the vehicle’s current position...

02:00...and helps you easily keep track of its progress to the incident location.

02:05You can also use the Operations Dashboard to better understand patterns that may be occurring within your data.

02:10For example, you may only want to see certain type of incidents, such as vehicle accidents.

02:15When filtering for a specific set of incidents, all related information in the map, list and chart update to display only those incidents...

02:23...helping you understand any possible patterns.

02:26This is a quick look at how the Operations Dashboard helps you monitor your workgroup’s assets and services in real time.

02:32Learn more about how you can use Operations Dashboard to respond more effectively to real time operations.

02:37Sign up for the free 30 day trial.

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