What’s New in Modeling and Analysis

Find out how ArcGIS 10 helps you be more productive, access data faster, and generate better models and results.

Jun 29th, 2010

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00:05Hi. I'm Adam, a GIS analyst at Esri.

00:09Modeling and analysis is core to the work we do as GIS professionals.

00:13I'm going to show you a few of my favorite enhancements that are sure to help us be more productive…

00:18…access data faster, and generate better models and results.

00:23We'll see a refreshed user interface that provides easier access to the tools that we use.

00:29It's much easier to connect up to databases and use those in our models and analysis.

00:34And there's a number of new tools that we can use to help us generate better results.

00:39Let's take a look.

00:42There are hundreds of tools at our fingertip in ArcMap, and sometimes finding the tool you need is a challenge.

00:48To address this challenge, we've embedded a new search dialog.

00:53Simply enter what you think you might be looking for and hit Search.

00:57A list appears, and I can easily hover over each one of these items to learn more about these tools to make sure that they are indeed what I am looking for.

01:07Now, before I use the Make Location-Allocation layer, I need to prepare some data.

01:13Using the new query layer functionality, I can connect directly to spatial and nonspatial information in relational databases.

01:24As a result, we have greater access to data managed outside of a GIS.

01:30Let's connect with another department's database.

01:33This contains customer information.

01:35I'm going to give this query layer a name…Customer sample…

01:42And using simple query language, I can randomly select 4,000 rows from this customer database.

01:54I'll validate my syntax.

01:56And as soon as I do that, you can see that this has been added as a layer directly to our map.

02:02Each time I interact with my map, this query is processed and we're always going to see the most up-to-date information from this database right in our map.

02:12Now let's take a look at how we can use this data to solve a complex business decision using ModelBuilder.

02:20This model uses the Location-Allocation tool that we just discovered to help a business locate an optimal location for a new store in their market space.

02:33For easier and faster access, we can add the tools and models we create directly to our favorite menu item or toolbar.

02:42I'm going to open up the model that we just saw.

02:45And for the customer parameter, I'm going to input the query layer that we just executed.

02:52We're going to run this model.

02:55Models can now execute as a background process, which means that we can continue our work with ArcGIS without suffering downtime while waiting for this process to complete.

03:07If I try to close out of ArcMap, I receive a warning message warning me that a background process is in action, and I certainly don't want to close this out now.

03:18Now this company has four stores in Austin, Texas, and I'd like to help them add a fifth location, for expansion.

03:26Using existing customer information, competitor intelligence, and available retail space…

03:33…we can determine the best location for a new store in the Austin market.

03:39So my model is finishing up now, and here we can see with the results of that model…

03:44…and the location that this company should strongly consider for a fifth store, right here to the north and center of our map.

03:54These are just a few of the enhancements that are sure to help you be more productive and generate better models and results.

04:00Thank you.

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