ArcGIS for Server and the GeoEvent Processor with Adam Mollenkopf

Adam Mollenkopf demonstrates the new capabilities of ArcGIS for Server.

Jun 28th, 2014

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00:01ArcGIS Server is a core technology for many organizations, like the city of Philadelphia.

00:06We continue to improve and enhance the capabilities of ArcGIS Server.

00:10So, to tell you a little bit more about the new capabilities, please welcome - from the...

00:14...development team - Adam Mollenkopf.

00:21Good morning.

00:22My name is Adam Mollenkopf, and I work on the ArcGIS Server team.

00:26There are many new improvements and enhancements with Server at the 10.2 release...

00:30...but for the few moments I have with you today, we're going to focus on a key new capability...

00:35...the ability to enable real-time GIS using a new extension for Server, the Geoevent Processor.

00:42The world is becoming more instrumented every day.

00:45In fact, there's likely more sensors in this room than there are people.

00:50Connecting these sensors to your GIS features can bring tremendous value to your users...

00:54...that want to know what is happening, as it happens.

00:59Geoevent Processor has connectors that enable you to ingest real-time data from a wide variety of sources.

01:06Those can include social media, in-vehicle GPS devices, military formats, and many more.

01:13Once connected, Geoevent Processor provides you the ability to perform continuous analysis...

01:19...and processing as the data is received.

01:24We're going to look at three demonstrations that show you how you can apply real-time GIS.

01:28We're going to look at planes, vehicles, and a utility network.

01:34Many of you flew into the San Diego airport on your way to this conference.

01:38Noise sensors surround the airport, and report noise levels continuously.

01:42We are visualizing this using the operations dashboard for ArcGIS.

01:47Operations dashboard is the premiere application for viewing real-time GIS.

01:52It monitors, tracks, and reports events to users within your organization.

01:58Geoevent Processor is connecting these sensors to GIS features so that we can visualize their latest status.

02:04It is also performing continuous analysis on the noise reports as they're received.

02:09You're in control of the logic, and your logic is captured on a service, which you author using...

02:14...a designer tool - a very similar concept to model builder.

02:19What we see here now is we've got some violations in the red appearing.

02:22We can see those both on the map as they're occurring, in real-time, as well as down below here... the violation panel.

02:29Now imagine if individuals could be sensors.

02:33I'm going to add another sensor to our dashboard - my iPhone.

02:38I've got a little app running on this iPhone, that's giving me real-time data about what's coming through.

02:43If I pan down here a bit, we can see that it's picking up my voice.

02:48You can see that both on the map as well as down here in this gauge.

02:52So if I was loud noise in a city or an aircraft taking off or gunfire or some other kind of loud noise...

02:58...I can see now that we just detected a violation on the iPhone.

03:02And not only did we detect what was occurring, we detected where it was occurring...

03:06...and how long it occurred.

03:07You can see that it lasted for five seconds.

03:12Let's look at some vehicles.

03:19Let's look at some vehicles now.

03:21At Sea World there's over four million visitors that come.

03:24Oftentimes, there's VIPs or very important people that come to Sea World, and the staff...

03:28...wants to be notified whenever they're approaching the facility.

03:31So we're going to create a geofence on the fly here, and we're going to use a three-minute... time analysis layer as the basis of the geofence.

03:42So if I save this off, the outer edge of that black area there represents exactly...

03:47...three minutes away from the facility.

03:49So if I'm staff at Sea World, I can get alerted whenever the vehicle comes in that proximity.

03:56So we see here now the VIP is approaching, and we see that there's a bus coming in...

04:00...on the other side of the polygon here.

04:02We're not alerting about that situation.

04:04Again, you're in control of the analysis, and in this case we only wanted to know when...

04:07...VIPs entered, not when buses entered.

04:11Now as soon as that crossed the boundary, Geoevent Processor actually sent off a text message... my phone as well, so Geoevent Processor isn't limited to alerting you through features...

04:21...on the display - it can also alert through e-mail, through text messages...

04:25...through instant messages, or many other mediums as well.

04:30Now real-time GIS doesn't just apply to planes and vehicles, it can apply to just about anything.

04:36Pipelines, oil wells, or utility networks like electric and gas.

04:41We recently teamed up with our partner OSIsoft, and integrated their PI System with ArcGIS.

04:47What you see here are GIS views of real-time utility network usage.

04:52This is the power generation and consumption levels at the University of California, San Diego.

04:57On Campus there are two generators, we can see that they're both generating quite a bit of power here.

05:04And actually, we just lost one of the turbines.

05:07So the generator went down, and this is producing power for many of the buildings on campus.

05:12So our feeder line that's coming in from our local utility provider, San Diego Gas and Electric... this case, has just increased dramatically the amount of power that we're consuming... of the local utility provider.

05:23And we can see that both on the feature display here as well as the PI graph that's interactive and...

05:29...providing a real-time view of the consumption levels.

05:31You see there's a dramatic jump in the consumption level.

05:35Geoevent Processor allows you to be alerted when interesting events occur, to react and...

05:41...make smarter decisions faster, and to know what is happening, as it happens.

05:46Thank you.

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