Automate Your Mapping Workflows

Find out how ArcGIS 10 helps you create, manage, and share your maps more efficiently.

Jun 29th, 2010

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00:04Hi, I'm Katie from Esri.

00:06Today I'd like to show you some of the ways that ArcGIS 10 makes it easier for you to create, update, and share your maps.

00:13You can design map books out of the box in just a few clicks.

00:17You can update hundreds of maps without opening them using new scripting support for maps and layers.

00:22And you can share your maps with your users by allowing them to create their own high-quality maps over the Web.

00:28First, let's take a look at map books.

00:31Here I've designed a map layout showing a street atlas for the City of Portland.

00:35Now I need to create a single map for each of the sixteen map grids.

00:39Using data-driven pages, I can quickly create a map book that includes a map page for each grid.

00:51As I flip through the map pages, notice the text in the layout updates automatically to define adjacent pages and the current page number based on data coming from the map grid.

01:03Text in the layout can also be updated dynamically based on system information such as date and time, user, or document path, helping you to ensure your maps are recent and accurate.

01:14But I can hear you asking, What if I don't already have a grid?

01:19You can now use geoprocessing tools to automatically create rectangular map grids or strip maps that follow roads, pipes, or other lines.

01:29And since the map book is stored in a single map document, it's now much easier to access and update these maps.

01:36I can print the current page, all pages, or a page range, and I can export the maps to one multipage PDF.

01:53So next, what happens when cartographic standards change in your organization?

01:57If you're like most, you now have a massive task ahead of you to open each map and make the necessary changes.

02:04Since Python scripts can now interact with maps and layers, you can accomplish these updates in batch.

02:14Numerous scripts are already available to generate reports, update symbology, and repair broken data paths.

02:22So finally, in most organizations, GIS specialists spend plenty of time fulfilling standard map requests.

02:28This repetitive task takes away from more creative and analytical work.

02:32Using the new map scripting capabilities, you can streamline these common mapping workflows to generate maps on demand.

02:40Once you've done this, you can make these scripts available on the Web so people can generate their own high-quality maps.

02:48So whether you're mapping streets, parcels, or utility networks, ArcGIS 10 will help you to create, update, and share your maps more efficiently, saving time for your other work.

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