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Hear from Nick Frunzi, Esri's Chief Customer Officer, on My Esri: a website where customers can manage all aspects of their relationship with Esri in a single place.

May 5th, 2014

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00:01Introducing My Esri, your one-stop place for all things Esri.

00:06Hi, I’m Nick Frunzi, Esri’s chief customer officer. Historically, customers had to go to four or five...

00:14...completely different web properties to interface with Esri. But not anymore.

00:20My Esri. It’s what you asked for.

00:23My Esri takes all those places you had to go work with and puts them in a single place... interact with us as a business. My Esri is about spending less time navigating the web…

00:35...and more time doing your work, at any time, from any place, on any device.

00:43My Esri has one central log-in, where you access all your account information.

00:47Downloads, entitlements, account history, your user profile. It’s all in one place.

00:53My Esri is a new platform that makes it easy to do business with us...

00:58...and empowers you, the customer to an all-new relationship between us

01:02My Esri. It’s what you asked for. You spoke, we listened.

01:07We created a website that is a single place that makes it easy to do business with us.

01:13My Esri. It’s your Esri.

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please I kindly request for an authorisation number for my arcgis 10.1

Kateeba Ronald Ivan (

Jan 18th, 2016. 3:03:35 AM

I paid out £120.00 for ArcGIS Desktop for home use one year. But I could not download the software. I downloaded License Manager but no rest of other downloaded, Could you suggest how to do?
I have my esri account but still problem,
Bhesh Thapa

Bhesh Thapa (

May 16th, 2015. 9:57:45 AM

Dear sir ,
please would be inform my arcgis installing the problem but i how can i get correct way
of installing and get authorization number i already download my computer .

Thank you very much

myint ko (

Apr 7th, 2015. 6:37:26 AM

Looks to have great potential, Nick. How about turning it into an agnostic (i.e. non-Esri) application that I can buy from Esri to use as a connective tool for various projects on my end to reach out to my customers?


May 8th, 2014. 1:29:18 PM

I have multiple ESRI 'accounts', my Global account, my corporate account that is tied to my employer, a corporate ArcGIS Online account, a personal account tied to my ArcGIS for Home Use account, my 2014 UC account and even an additional account for the free version of ArcGIS Online. I'd be very interested in learning how My ESRI will tie all of these together.


May 8th, 2014. 11:46:12 AM

An excellent move because it allows me as a new user to better understand the depth of ESRI products as well as obtaining access to needed training opportunities on a single website. Thank you!


May 8th, 2014. 11:14:05 AM

Its true that ESRI seems more like a partner than a vendor. The support staff goes out of its way to make things work.
My ESRI looks like a good answer to the often confusing website. But is it alright if I pronouce it "My E-S-R-I"?


May 8th, 2014. 10:27:15 AM

Thank you for making this change. This will make things so much easier to work with within our organization. Appreciate you taking the time to listen!


May 8th, 2014. 10:14:16 AM

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