A New Pattern for GIS

Clint Brown and Scott Oppmann provide an overview and demonstration of  the free templates and applications that make up ArcGIS for Local Government.

Jul 11th, 2011

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00:01Good morning and welcome to San Diego. It's just great to be here.

00:04You know, every day, you guys, most of you, are working really hard.

00:08You work very hard at building foundational sets of geographic information, you work hard at building operational information…

00:18…to bring that to life, to help your organizations meet your mission.

00:23This morning, you saw a lot about this idea of an intelligent map as a way to encapsulate that information…

00:30…and to really focus its delivery by giving it to the workers in your organization, as well as to citizens.

00:39At Esri in the past few years we've been working on an initiative we call ArcGIS for Local Government…

00:47…and this is all about opening up your information and bringing it to life, and bringing it to life in these maps and apps…

00:55…that you can deliver to your citizens; to your fellow workers in the organization; to help people in cities…

01:03…in counties, and local authorities make better decisions, work more efficiently, engage with citizens, save money.

01:13Really, to deliver the value of GIS.

01:16Today with me I have Scott Oppman, who is the project manager for ArcGIS for Local Government…

01:22…to show us a little bit of a system. Scott.

01:27Thanks, Clint. Let's take a look at a few of the maps and apps you get when you deploy ArcGIS for Local Government.

01:32You'll find these maps and apps on the ArcGIS for Local Government Resource Center.

01:36In the gallery, they're organized around the work you do in local government…

01:40…and into a series of modules you can deploy today in your organization.

01:44Now let's take a closer look at a few of these maps and apps.

01:47The first application I'd like to show you is a tax parcel viewer.

01:50It provides property maps and tax parcel information to your citizens.

01:55I can search for my property to see what my new assessed value is.

01:58I can then share that information with others and provide feedback to my local government if I find an error on the map.

02:06The value analysis dashboard is for your assessor and budget staff, who are concerned about the impact of foreclosures…

02:11…sales, and assessment appeals on property value and revenue in your community.

02:15When I find a neighborhood I'd like to investigate further, I can click on a property to see how individual value is changing.

02:22I can also then look and see how changes in individual assessed value affect neighborhoods and revenue in my community.

02:30This is the public information center.

02:32It's a destination for your citizens that provides information about community activities…

02:36…and allows citizens to engage directly with their local government.

02:40I can review construction projects and alerts to see how that may be affecting water service in my neighborhood.

02:45If I find a problem in my neighborhood I'd like to report, I can simply click on the map, enter in my problem type…

02:55…and then submit it to my local government when I'm done.

02:59The next application is election polling places application for your citizens.

03:03I can use my address to find my proper polling place, review information about upcoming elections…

03:08…get directions to that polling place, and contact information about my current elected officials.

03:15The next application I'd like to show you is called the Land Use Public Comment application.

03:19It allows citizens to review pending land-use cases and provide public comments…

03:23…so they don't have to drive down to city hall any longer.

03:26When I find a pending land-use case in my neighborhood I'd like to review…

03:29…I can see detailed information provided by the applicant, design drawings submitted with the proposal…

03:34…and then submit public comment to my local government now.

03:39Public safety officials need access to information, and information at their fingertips…

03:43…when events and activities and incidents occur in their community.

03:48The COP, or common operational picture, allows the incident commander to review how an incident, like this overturned tanker…

03:54…affects vulnerable populations in their community.

03:57They can also use the COP to coordinate response activities during an incident and event.

04:03Now ArcGIS for Local Government comes with more than just web mapping applications.

04:06This is a mobile application used for damage assessment.

04:09It can be used on a Tablet PC and in rugged conditions.

04:13You'll notice the buttons are big so they can be used with gloves on or with big fingers like I have.

04:18I can just simply tap on the screen to locate a damaged structure, complete the damage assessment form…

04:24…and then submit that from the field when I'm done.

04:28Many of the maps and apps also help you manage information in your local government information model.

04:33This is a special event planning map.

04:35It allows me to coordinate response activities and prepare response plans for events happening in my community like this 5K run.

04:42When I complete my response plan I can simply print a map and share that with police, fire…

04:47…and public works agencies working the event in my community.

04:52So that was just a few of the maps and apps available with the ArcGIS for Local Government system today…

04:56…and you'll find many more available on the resource center.

04:59You'll find basemaps that are the foundation for your desktop, web, and mobile applications.

05:04Infrastructure maps and apps that help water utilities and public works agencies plan for capital projects…

05:10…maintain water and sewer infrastructure, and manage field operations.

05:14Land records maps and apps that help you maintain your parcel information, produce tax map books…

05:19…and provide property information on mobile devices.

05:22Planning applications that help you notify the public of pending land-use cases and inspect code violations in the field…

05:28…and elections applications that help you draw and delineate new precinct boundaries and publish election results on election night.

05:36In all, there are more than 50 maps and apps available with the ArcGIS for Local Government system today…

05:40…and that list of maps and apps continues to grow.

05:43And I should probably take a minute to mention, Clint, at this point…

05:47…the maps and apps in the ArcGIS for Local Government system are free to ArcGIS users…

05:51…and can be configured to meet specific needs in your organization.

05:55So this week we've got a series of tech workshops that provide more information about the…

05:58…ArcGIS for Local Government modules that are available today…

06:01…and we look forward to getting your feedback on the work we've done…

06:04…and your direction on what should be included in ArcGIS for Local Government going forward.

06:07Thanks for your time. Back to you, Clint.

06:17Pretty interesting actually. You start to think about why did we get into GIS in the first place?

06:22Really, we can make a difference.

06:24And that idea that you can start to deliver these apps to workers that help them do their job is really interesting.

06:31There's a few key things to point out about this.

06:33Number one is, none of this is really possible without the information that you guys build.

06:41If you saw the detail in there, you understand that the jobs that you already do are quite important.

06:47You're already doing a lot of the hard work.

06:50Many times in the GIS industry we've been so focused on the technology and the data compilation…

06:55…that we forget about how to really bring the information into life and to deliver it to our end users and our citizens.

07:04The second thing about what you saw is you saw a bunch of really simple apps.

07:10These apps are just like consumer maps that we all use every day.

07:15All your citizens, the workers in your organization, your mayors, your operations managers…

07:23…everyone already uses consumer maps.

07:26They're ready for this pattern to begin to use GIS.

07:30This morning we talked a lot about this intelligent map as a way to encapsulate geographic knowledge…

07:37…and operations into these simple maps that you can deploy.

07:41The third thing about this system that's quite interesting is it's pretty much very easy to configure.

07:48You put your information into ArcGIS to open it up. Think about that.

07:56You can pick the maps and apps, department by department, that you want to enable…

08:01…and then they just light up and come to life for your citizens.

08:04Imagine the kind of dashboard, that organizational dashboard, that Bernie and Jeremy showed with Jack this morning.

08:12The idea that those maps and apps come to life for the workers in your organizations…

08:17…and for your citizens is what we're all about, and we want to work with you…

08:21…to build more maps and apps and to really deliver GIS and to gain value.

08:26So, we'd like to thank you very much for the time you've given us, and hope you have a great conference.

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