Making Mapping Easy Within An Organization

Jo Fraley shows how ArcGIS for SharePoint and ArcGIS for Server with IBM Cognos help organizations integrate their web apps with enterprise systems, giving them the ability to quickly and easily map their enteprise data.

Jul 11th, 2011

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00:01Our next demonstration builds on the idea of making mapping easy for everyone in your organization.

00:07We do this by providing web apps that integrate with your enterprise systems…

00:11…systems like Microsoft SharePoint and IBM Cognos.

00:15To show you how this is done, please welcome Jo Fraley.

00:21Thanks, John.

00:25As Jack mentioned earlier, many parts of an organization want to get their data onto a map.

00:32This first example is using SharePoint.

00:34Many of you use it to manage content and collaborate within your organization.

00:40A marketing department within a utility company has a list, and this list contains address information.

00:46So what's the first thing they want to do?

00:49Put it onto a map.

00:51Instead of requesting the GIS department to do that for them, they can do it themselves.

00:57Stepping through a workflow, they can specify the locator, the address field, the coordinate field…

01:04…some additional options, and they can kick off this workflow.

01:08Now, the list can be added to the map.

01:13This application has a configurable ribbon interface that allows you to add basemaps from ArcGIS Online…

01:19…as well as add additional content.

01:22Now, all this information makes the map a little bit difficult to read, but we can resolve this using clustering.

01:29Zooming in, our clusters change based on proximity, and I can identify a particular location.

01:36Another interesting way to look at this data is a heat map.

01:41We can see areas of high concentration in white, and less in blue.

01:46But we also want to know, are these customers within our service territory?

01:51We can connect to our enterprise GIS server and add that service territory to the map.

01:58This capability is available today with ArcGIS Server and allows all departments to get their data onto a map.

02:07The second example is a web application integrating ArcGIS with IBM Cognos.

02:13This business intelligence dashboard shows overall performance for the distribution of meters for a water utility.

02:20We can see cost and usage trends.

02:24We can ask questions of the map and do comparisons based on geography.

02:32Querying the business intelligence data, the dashboard will update for the selected area.

02:38These are just two examples that are available now and bring mapping to everyone.

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