Roots & Shoots

Jane Goodall describes Roots and Shoots, a youth organization related to the Jane Goodall Institute (JGI) that is devoted to empowering children in learning about their environment and working together.

Jul 11th, 2011

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00:01Another real hero that many of you know because she's been here before is Jane Goodall.

00:05She visited us for a few days earlier this year and said, "I'd like to make a little video for the GIS audience."

00:11So we're going to show that right now. Jane.

00:17The reason that Roots & Shoots is symbolic.

00:21So I always ask people to imagine their favorite big tree, and then to think about how that tree began.

00:30It began its life as a little seed, so I think of an English oak, an acorn.

00:36And when that acorn began to grow, little white roots appear, and the little tiny shoot…

00:43…and you can pick it up, and it seems so tiny, so frail, so weak…

00:48…and yet there is a magic and a life force in that seed so strong, so powerful, that those little roots…

00:55…to reach the water, can break through rocks and eventually knock them aside.

01:00And that little shoot, to reach the sunlight, can work its way through cracks in a brick wall and eventually knock it down.

01:07So we see the rocks and the walls as all the problems we humans have inflicted on poor old planet Earth…

01:14…environmental and social. And Roots & Shoots is about hope.

01:19Hundreds and thousands of young people around the world can break through and can make this a better world.

01:26I'm very excited about this new relationship between JGI, Jane Goodall Institute, and Esri…

01:34…because you have a network around the world, and JGI also has a network around the world.

01:40We have 27 Jane Goodall Institute offices in different countries, and then our youth program…

01:47…Roots & Shoots, is in 126 countries around the world.

01:51I would hope that the GIS users who hear about this Roots & Shoots program and our partnership with Esri would have ideas…

02:01…because this is all about ideas. And a lot of these users have children; their children will surely have ideas.

02:08So you know, one of the ways that could be immensely helpful, just for a start…

02:13…is the Esri users trying to get more and more Roots & Shoots groups going.

02:18And then, of course, all these young people, they're going to grow up.

02:22They'll be involved, many of them, in GIS technology…

02:27…and so I just see that there's a whole new…

02:32…exciting way of developing young minds in association with people who understand this technology.

02:42The main thing is, if everybody would start to think about the consequences of the small choices they make each day…

02:50…just that - what you buy, what you eat, what you wear.

02:53Where did it come from? How was it made? Did it cause harm to the environment?

02:57Was it child slave labor? These kind of questions.

03:02Then people start making small changes, and sometimes small changes can lead to bigger ones.

03:08But even if they don't, billions of small changes start to move towards the kind of change we must see on the planet…

03:16…if we care about our children's future.

03:21Nice. She's a true inspiration for me, and I know for many of you. And that's a real invitation.

03:34Get involved with her program, Roots & Shoots.

03:37It's about empowering kids in learning about their environment and working together, and well…

03:46…we've been doing that a long time within our community.

03:48The Geo-Adoption program, GeoMentoring program, getting into high schools and junior highs…

03:55…empowering kids, playing with them, getting them acquainted to these tools…

04:00… has made a difference, and I want to acknowledge many of you for doing that.

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This film is based on a beautiful idea and an optimism and trust in the young generation. I like the idea and the spirit.


Aug 9th, 2011. 4:26:17 PM

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