What’s New in ArcGIS Online Content

Christophe Charpentier discusses the latest updates to existing ArcGIS Online basemaps and reference layers as well as new and upcoming content.

Aug 31st, 2011

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00:03Hi. My name is Christophe Charpentier and I'm with the product management team and responsible for the ArcGIS content.

00:11During this presentation, we'll give you an update on the most important online maps and tasks Esri is serving to its user community.

00:20We will give you a status on the great resources available today and indications on what's coming next for those maps.

00:28Basemaps are the foundation for so many of maps and applications.

00:33Let's start touring ArcGIS Online collection of maps.

00:40One of the most popular ArcGIS Online basemap is the World Topographic Map.

00:45It's used by Desktop, web, and mobile users, and contains much of your work.

00:51It is both a global map and a very detailed local map.

00:58The World Topo Map is authoritative content at many different scales…

01:03…contributed by many users, through a community preservation program.

01:07It is a basemap built by the community, for the community…

01:11…using a framework to create a single, unified map of the world.

01:17To find more about the World Topo Map, simply go on arcgis.com and search using the keywords World Topo.

01:25You will discover a wealth of content that is being updated monthly…

01:29…with over a thousand contributors from 40 countries around the world.

01:36The level of accuracy and detail in many locations is just simply amazing.

01:41Authoritative contributors range from national mapping agencies, like the Dutch Cadastre…

01:45…to local cities and counties, to even more detailed university campus-scale maps.

01:51The basemap is constantly expanding and evolving as more participants sign up to contribute every day.

02:01The World Street Map is detailed, multiscale, transportation-based map…

02:05…designed to provide consistent display, geocoding, and routing.

02:09Updates happen twice a year, in the spring and in the fall.

02:13The last update resulted in significantly more coverage around the world.

02:20Using the keywords World Street on arcgis.com…

02:23…you will find the entire globe is available at a consistent 1 to 150,000 scale, or regional level of detail.

02:33Zooming in further to a more detailed 1 to 20,000 scale…

02:37…the spring 2011 release doubled the coverage of city-level data by adding many regions in the Southern Hemisphere.

02:45Latin America, Southern Africa, Australia, and New Zealand, just to name a few.

02:52And for the most detailed scales, you will see the dark green areas representing very detailed city level…

02:58…for thousands of major populated areas in the world.

03:02With the full update of ArcGIS Online, both World Topographic Map and World Street Map offer detailed coverage…

03:08…countrywide, for all countries covered, and no longer just populated areas.

03:14Future releases will include expanding the coverage in the Middle East or Asia and more over the next year.

03:23Now, part of the World Street Map resources is also a global gazetteer.

03:28For place finding, the gazetteer has been expanded to more than 20 million places, including cities, towns…

03:35…landmarks, hydrography, monuments, points of interest, and more.

03:40In addition, the place finding supports multiple languages, making it easier to find Moscow…

03:46…Beirut, Bangkok, or Fukuoka, in native languages.

03:52Next, for locating street addresses, we currently have great coverage from North American and Western Europe today.

04:00Since July 2011, arcgis.com viewers and all GIS mobile products are now both…

04:05…using a new geocoding API that Esri has just exposed.

04:10This new geocoding API is not yet publicly released, but it will add an additional 60 countries…

04:15…giving you high-quality coverage for over 50 percent of the world population, with more to come in the future.

04:24ArcGIS Online doesn't only offer physical maps, but also a large collection of descriptive maps such as demographics.

04:31Powering the Community Analyst is an incredible wealth of data on demographics and lifestyles.

04:37More than 20 different maps and more than 200 variables are also available for you as free resources from ArcGIS Online.

04:47Introduced end of June 2011, the World Ocean Map is a beautiful bathymetric map…

04:52…providing a high-quality basemap for the 71 percent of the world that we often forget.

04:58Like World Topo Map, World Ocean Map is designed as the framework for community participation…

05:04…so different organizations around the world can contribute their additional bathymetric data to create a unified map of the ocean.

05:14For any organization involved in merging operations, the ocean basemap provides the foundation…

05:20…for overlaying political boundaries, energy infrastructure, shipping activity…

05:24…subsea geology, oceanography, charts, surveys, and more.

05:29It is the foundation for building an ocean GIS.

05:36Another one of the exciting new maps is coming in the fall 2011, and that is the National Geographic World Map.

05:43Developed jointly by National Geographic and the Esri cartography team…

05:47…this map brings to the web the distinctive National Geographic cartography that many of us have grown up with.

05:56The National Geographic Map is a multiscale basemap that can be accessed on your desktop, server, and mobile devices.

06:04These maps can be used as a sole basemap underlying your operational data…

06:09…and also as full intensity bright, beautiful maps that are used to help communicate your stories, your work…

06:17…and are the usual equivalent of the paper maps hanging on school walls.

06:25There are many great examples of large mosaic datasets published as image services in ArcGIS Online.

06:31For example, MDA Information Systems has released the global, natural view mosaic.

06:39This beautiful mosaic is a collection of 8,700 Landsat images, color corrected…

06:45…creating a high-quality accurate image service at the medium resolution scale.

06:52For high-resolution imagery, World Imagery Map provides you with increasing coverage of one meter or better resolution data.

07:01We are in the process of adding 15 million square kilometers of Ikonos imagery between now and the end of the year.

07:08We will expand the high resolution dark green areas to include all the yellow areas…

07:13…resulting in a sixfold increase of high resolution imagery over the next six months, with more to follow.

07:22And the third source of imagery to discuss is the Global Landsat service available on ArcGIS Online.

07:28This service provides access to more than 34,000 scenes from the USGS Global Land Survey dataset.

07:38With access all the band combinations and raw pixels values…

07:42…you can easily create a variety of different products to address different analysis needs…

07:47…because imagery is not only about pixels. It is about information in those pixels.

07:56The Landsat service also provides access to the historical data going back 35 years…

08:02…creating the definitive source for global change detection.

08:08The last basemap I want to talk about is related to lidar and elevation.

08:12Coming in the fall of 2011 is a global multi-resolution turn model on ArcGIS Online.

08:20This service is being constructed from multiple sources, including SRTM…

08:25…Commercial Writer, and community-contributed high-resolution lidar.

08:29In the past, ArcGIS Online has delivered hill-shaded terrain as cached maps.

08:35But this new service will be a dynamic mosaic of elevation data supporting not only visualization, but also topographic analysis.

08:45Esri will first release a service built using public domain data in the fall…

08:49…but will extend its reach by offering the capacity to license additional content from commercial vendors such as Intermap.

08:59We can wrap up our summary of ArcGIS Online content by emphasizing that every day…

09:04…ArcGIS Online continues to grow as a key part of the ArcGIS system.

09:10We gave you an update on our basemap efforts…

09:12…but the real power is having nearly a hundred thousand users…

09:15…contributing maps and apps that can easily be shared and accessed across a community.

09:21ArcGIS Online is every day more popular, with now over 25 million mapped tiles served to GIS users and application.

09:30Thank you.

09:31Thank you very much for listening to this presentation and the status of ArcGIS Online content…

09:36…and to start exploring and using this great content, go visit arcgis.com.

09:41Thank you.

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