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Indoor Geospatial Indexing and Location

Andrew Gold of RFSpot describes his organization's mapping and routing capabilities for indoor environments.

  • Recorded: Jul 11th, 2011
  • Runtime: 04:50
  • Views: 2079
  • Published: Sep 29th, 2011
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Dear Matt,

Thank you for your inquiry. Your best bet is to contact the company, RFSpot, directly for an answer to your question. Here is the company's contact information:

261 Hamilton Ave Ste 309
Santa Clara, CA 94302
Phone: (831) 224-4595
Fax: (877) 272-0222
Web site:


Karen Jaffarian
Esri Video
KarenJaffarian  (Staff Comment) 2 Years ago
Very Nice presentation Andy !
Question- how does your system update to accomodate a previously 'mapped' item being moved?
Matt P.
mpalucci 2 Years ago
  • 2 total