ArcGIS Online Subscription Overview

With a subscription to ArcGIS Online, you can quickly create interactive maps and custom apps, then publish and share them in Esri's secure cloud.

Dec 12th, 2011

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00:06ArcGIS Online is a cloud-based, collaborative content management system...

00:10...for maps, apps, data, and other geospatial information.

00:15Anybody can visit the website at to use publicly shared web maps and...

00:21...applications for personal use.

00:24Organizations now have the option to configure ArcGIS Online...

00:29...and manage their geospatial assets in a private instance for themselves.

00:33They can publish web-accessible maps and data and collaborate across the organization... share maps and other information.

00:40Let’s take a closer look at these features.

00:42Through a subscription, organizations get their own view of the website.

00:46For example, an organization has its own URL...

00:50...and can set up a custom home page and feature its maps and apps in the gallery.

00:54The organization can add its special content for its use and keep it secure and private...

00:59...while getting access to all the publicly hosted data on ArcGIS Online, such as basemaps.

01:05Administrators invite users to join and set their roles...

01:09...and they can manage the organization’s items and groups.

01:12Items are maps and applications, services, and data files.

01:16A dashboard shows how you are using the subscription...

01:20...such as the number of services published and how often they are accessed.

01:25Customization options include using your own default basemap and extent for the map viewer...

01:31...adding templates for publishing web mapping applications...

01:34...and selecting additional security, such as all-SSL.

01:40A subscription includes access to Esri’s secure cloud...

01:43...where you can store your published maps and data.

01:46This allows organizations to make large datasets web-accessible.

01:50For example, organizations can publish their maps using ArcGIS 10.1 for Desktop.

02:11Through ArcGIS Online you can create a map service that is hosted in Esri’s cloud...

02:16...and that you can manage from your website.

02:19You can also create and manage hosted feature services directly from the website.

02:37Creating a hosted service makes your data accessible from the web...

02:41...and from mobile and desktop clients.

02:45You can choose to make your service public.

02:48Anybody with a web browser, mobile device, or desktop application...

02:52...can discover and view your data.

02:56Your data can also be mashed up in a web map.

02:59For example, you might start with your hosted feature service layer...

03:03...then add other types of data to it—CSV or text files, map services...

03:07...from your ArcGIS server, WMS, KML, shapefiles, and so on—to build an intelligent... for people in your organization to interact with.

03:17These web maps can be shared through social media, embedded in websites...

03:23...and used to publish web mapping applications.

03:26They can also be accessed and used on smartphones and tablets...

03:29...with no additional work.

03:32With ArcGIS Online for organizations, you can take advantage of this new flexible...

03:37...and scalable deployment option for making maps and data more broadly available...

03:41...and more easily managing geographic information.

03:45Sign up for a free 30-day trial and see how your organization can benefit from ArcGIS Online.

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